Customizing your kit

For the last couple years, my wife and I have been racing in Chico Triathlon Club kits. This was a natural choice, and one we were proud of, since we were (and remain) members of that club. After moving to Sacramento, however, we decided to do something different. We would make our own kits; something different, just for us. Not only would it be fun; it would also be a way that we could support each other.

Full custom sublimation was out of the question since. Custom sublimated uniforms have required minimum quantities and, since we were only ordering one kit for each of us, our quantity would be too small. This was not necessarily a problem, since we lack both the time and the skills to design custom graphics. Also, many of the best fabrics cannot be sublimated. We opted for something simple – our last name and “Team K&G.” Since we met, we told ourselves we were a team. In many ways, this has defined our approach to our relationship and to our life together. We started calling ourselves “Team K&G.” Even our friends called us Team K&G.

After looking at the options we eventually agreed on the Tyr Carbon. Tyr had choices for both men and women that we liked and good color options, which for me means it came in red. The fabric is very thin and sheds water like crazy. It also has the best chamois I have ever used, whether for cycling or for triathlon. We Winskins Printing. Winskins specializes in custom printing for sports apparel. They print the uniforms for a lot of collegiate teams and professionals. The owner, Paul Sullivan, helped me through the process and got us the finished product quickly. The whole process, including shipping both ways took maybe a week. The end product is great and we love it.

Winskins does require graphics and print in vector formats. Fortunately, programs such as Inkscape are available for free and easy to use.

Winskins is a great option, but there is also another option. Kiwami will add custom printing to items you order from them.


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