Learning to be the couple who trains together so you can be together

Gloria and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary (which my mom informed me is cotton). This got me thinking about oft-heard comments that the “couple who trains together, stays together” or, similarly, “the couple who races together stays together.” However, we (and especially me) had to learn a few things about training together.

  1. If you get ahead of your partner, whether riding or running, periodically circle back or wait for the other person.
  2. Make sure your partner knows the route. If does not, tell him/her if you plan on turning, stopping, etc., preferably before doing so.
  3. If one of you likes training first thing in the morning (and early), but the other does not, be willing to compromise. The training will get done.
  4. Talk about your plan for the day/week, both with regard to training and chores, before the day/week starts.
  5. Wait for your partner at the finish line. Even though most athlete recovery areas do not allow you to return once you leave, they will almost always let you back in if you say you need to meet your partner.
  6. Sometimes you and you partner have different goals or priorities. It is okay to do different workouts.
  7. Do not eat everything without first asking your partner whether he/she wants some. Sharing is caring.

2 responses to “Learning to be the couple who trains together so you can be together

  1. Greg and I have been married for 23 years on 8/12 and although we have both have done tris together for 23 years, we never train together. He’s too fast. We used to go to the pool together but having a kid and different work schedules stopped that. But going to races together is so much fun.

  2. Great post Ken! Thanks for sharing! Matt and I have also learned many of these lessons. Sometimes we train together, and sometimes we train separately, but the most important thing is we are there for each other at the finish line.

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