You Don’t Need New Year’s Day for a Resolution

With the new year the media will again give us the stories about new year’s resolutions, with tips and advice about goal setting, especially when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices and weight loss. Personally, I have always found the notion of a “New Year’s Resolution” silly. Granted, you need to periodically assess the progress you make in achieving goals that you set and January 1 is a logical day to start, because you can easily assess your progress at the start of every month and at the end of the year. Consequently, if you choose to start something new on New Year’s Day, then you are probably off to a good start, but don’t just put a New Year’s resolution out there just because someone asks if you have one.

If you have given a goal thought. If you have a specific, worthwhile goal in mind, whose progress can be measured objectively, that is attainable and is achievable within a specific timeframe you, then go for it (this is known as the “SMART” principle, and hopefully my wife will provide a better and more thorough description, because she can). Write your goal down and regularly review it. Set a reminder on your smartphone if you need to.

However, you don’t need to wait until New Year’s Day to start working towards a goal. Neither is there any reason why you cannot start working towards a goal on January 2nd or, for that matter, June 2nd.  New Year’s is great, but if your birthday works as a better benchmark for life goals, then use your birthday. If the start of race season works better for race goals, then use the start of race season. Nonetheless, if you have a specific goal in mind, whose progress can be measured objectively, that is attainable and reasonable, and is achievable in the time you have in mind, start today. It is never too late or too early. Now is the time, now is the day to make the change you want to make, and if it happens to be today, New Year’s Day, then start today.

Happy New Year from Team K&G, wishing our friends and families an exciting, fruitful year filled with love, success, achievement, and growth.


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