What Kind of Swimmer Are You?

Our swimming coach, Coach Stu, sent me a link to Swim Smooth to pass on to my wife (Dr. G). He thought she would get a kick out of the “Kicktastic” swimmer (no pun intended) and it might give her some insight into how she swims and how she can improve. Since last January, my wife has really focused on her swimming and has made significant improvements. She thought the videos were useful and had some really good insights.

The idea behind Swim Smooth is to simplify freestyle technique and instruction by categorizing swimmers into six types based on general characteristics of their technique and personality. The “Arnie,” for example, has a strong, muscular build, often comes from an athletic background, and is very determined, but is limited by poor body position. Other types include the Smooth, the Swinger, and the Overglider.

What kind of swimmer are you?


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