Wildflower Tune-up, Taper, and IM Excitement

Check out the latest blog from Dr. G about the one and only Wildflower, Heather Jackson crushing her competition, and tips for a mentally balanced taper as we go into Ironman Texas.

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Wildflower was a blast! Not to mention that Heather Jackson laid the smack down and defended her WF Long Course champion title. Back to back baby! And Wattie Ink teammate Erin Green made her pro-debut and kick arse. Not to mention Eurostar was in the house gave WF a taste of some awesomesauce (not my word, I “borrowed” it from teammate Sara Barkley, 1st Amateur Female Long Course)

Saturday at WF was lots of fun, volunteering with our sponsor PowerBar and cheering on all our teammates that raced long course (70.3 distance). It was great to meet our Wattie teammates in person for the first time and camping together. The weekend was full of fun, shenanigans, and overall stellar performances on what is known to be thee hardest 70.3 distance course.

Team K & G raced the olympic distance race on Sunday as a tune up. Both of us…

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