“The Neurology of Awakening” My Basis for Mental Skill of Mindfulness Training

Great stuff from my wife, Dr. G. Useful for sport and for life. Tools to develop your ability to focus on what you are doing right now, whether it is a work assignment, house chore, running drill, or anything else you are doing right now.

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli


Want to know why I firmly believe in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for athletes?! Because it works.  Mindfulness has has been proven to change our brain’s neural circuitry to increase the capacity for resilience, inner peace, joy, true empowerment, and many other positive emotional states. The video below discusses the research and brain mechanism in regards to self-directed neuroplasticity.  I could endlessly write on how I use mindfulness in my everyday life, in sport, and at work, but I want you to know for yourself the basis of which I believe in mindfulness mental training.

BTW if you want to skip ahead to minutes 27 and 33 that gets to the bottom line. Enjoy!

The citations below demonstrate empirical evidence on the benefits of applied mindfulness training, specifically the second one which highlights a new study (2010) that found that “mindfulness based cognitive therapy (which I practice) provides equivalent…

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