The “Other” “1%” of Sport Success

Focusing on the 1% is what separates excellence from mediocrity, but focusing on the other 1% isn’t just something you suddenly do. You learn how to do and practice, so it’s razor-sharp on race day. The best way to learn is with an expert, like a sports psychologist.

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli


“Nothing is a substitute for appropriate preparation. Certainly athletes can get overwhelmed focusing on the details and miss the big picture. There’s no substitute for being prepared physiologically. But attention to the “other” details isn’t a substitute. It’s part of what’s required to be truly excellent. And that’s what is required on October 12th.”Jordan Rapp (taken from his blog posted on 7/31/13)

What is the “other” that Jordan Rapp, professional long course triathlete, is referring to? If you read the full blog post he is referring to aspects of a race and the small details that make it key to perform with excellence, besides just posting fast times. Likewise, Lauren Goss’s recent post (7/15/13) titled “The 1%”.  She states, So after reading this you may think I am a freak. However, the things I did in between the races are why I was able to do this successfully. It all sounds…

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