The Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM), is a Davis, California swim club that is one of the largest U.S. Masters Swim affiliates in the United States. DAM boasts a membership of over 500 people, beginning swimmers to world champions, age 18 to 90+, all dedicated to the simple pleasure of a good swim. DAM has a rich and distinguished history, having won multiple recognitions for its quality as a team and for its quality of coaching.

The Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic (TCLC) is a free legal clinic for low income residents of Sacramento County located at Loaves & Fishes. The TCLC is a part of Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC). The LSNC mission is to provide quality legal services to empower the poor to identify and defeat the causes and effects of poverty within their community, efficiently utilizing all available resources. The TCLC does this by serving as an outreach point for the poorest of our community – the homeless and unsheltered.

SABA represents bicyclists throughout the Sacramento area, regardless of their type of bike or how they use it. Its mission is simple: more and safer trips by bike. SABA’s purpose is to improve the health and quality of life of residents of the greater Sacramento area by promoting bicycling for transportation and promoting more and safer bicycle trips through education, community service and other charitable acts.

Half of all trips are no more than three miles in length, and cars are used for 60% of all trips a mile or less. SABA wants to see those trips made by bicycle rather than automobile whenever it is possible. SABA works to maintain, improve, and expand bikeways, improve bicycle access, increase cycling safety through education, enforcement and hazard removal, get lockers and showers and workplaces and bike parking everywhere it is needed, and create a regional network of bike trails.

WALKSacramento is a nonprofit community organization working to achieve safe, walkable communities throughout the Sacramento region. WALKSacramento works with transportation and land use planners, elected officials and community groups to create safe, walkable environments for all citizens and particularly for children, seniors, the disabled and low-income individuals. WALKSacramento works to incorporate pedestrian access into transportation and development decisions, to increase funding for pedestrian infrastructure, and to adopt and implement pedestrian master plans for local communities. WALKSacramento is a member of America Walks and founding member of California Walks.

The Chico, California area has a culture of all sorts of outdoor activities, including swimming, cycling, and running. A few dedicated triathletes saw the need for an inclusive club dedicated to the sport of triathlon and officially launched the Chico Triathlon Club January 1, 2010, with the mission to create and promote an organized venue where athletes of all ages and abilities can pursue their individual training and racing goals in an exciting, motivating, informative and social environment. Today, the Chico Triathlon Club is the premier sports club in Chico and boasts more than 100 members of all ages, abilities, and levels of experience.

Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition is company owned by Boart Certified Sport Dietitian Marni Sumbal MS, RD, CSSD, LD/N and RETUL bike fit extraordinaire, Karel Sumbal. Marni holds a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and is 9x Ironman triathlon finisher. Her husband Karel is a category 1 cyclist turned 3x Ironman finisher, endurance triathlete with over 20 years’ experience as a bike mechanic and five years as the GM of the Trek Bicycle Store of Jacksonville, FL. Marni and Karel work together at Trimarni coaching and nutrition to provide athletes with years of experience, education and knowledge when it comes to training, health and performance.

Life With No Limits – Mental Skills Coaching & Sports Psychology Consulting

Dr. Petruzzelli is a licensed clinical sport psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher-in-training that works with sport teams and athletes across the country. She has significant experience working with NCAA D1 athletes, elite/professional athletes, and competitive age group athletes from a variety of sport backgrounds, and works full-time at Sacramento State University. Dr. Petruzzelli is also an Ironman triathlete and endurance runner, and notably place 5th in her age group at Ironman Texas 2014. Dr. Petruzzelli has been featured in Runner’s World, Men’s Health online, Fitness Magazine online, Shape Magazine as well as scientific publications. As your sport psychologist Dr. Petruzzelli will help you to achieve and exceed your goals in sport performance. She customizes every training program to consider your dreams, lifestyle, and goals to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to address specific performance related issues. She takes a direct and consistent approach to teaching you what you need, however the practice is up to you.